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algsdlogoFifty Years of Community Philanthropy
Assistance League® of Greater San Diego

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The San Diego Guild was organized in 1962. One of the original three planners of the Guild was Helen Banning, daughter-in-law of Anne Banning, founder of National Assistance League®. In 1965, Assistance League® of San Diego County was chartered and became the thirty-fourth chapter of National Assistance League®. In May 2001,
the chapter’s name was changed to Assistance League® of Greater San Diego

In 1969 Assisteens® , an auxiliary for junior and senior high school girls, was formed and continued until 1996. The girls worked on their own programs and also helped with Operation School Bell and San-Dy Bears. 

In 1989, WIBAC (Women in Business Aiding Community) was formed. Fundraising efforts support WIBAC philanthropic programs and the chapter’s Operation School Bell® program. 

The first chapter house at 2738 Upas Street was purchased in 1975 and paid for in full in 1988.  The present Chapter House was purchased in 1996 and, after a bit of remodeling, the doors were opened in March 1997. The mortgage was paid in full in April 2003. 

Past philanthropic programs have included serving as aides for the Douglas Young Outpatient Clinic (1963-1972); volunteering as greeters and helping to restore an 1887 kitchen at Villa Montezuma (1974-1978); presenting the Pinhead Solar System program at Reuben Fleet Space Theater (1984-1987); and Senior Citizens Program (1977-2011). 

Ongoing programs are Mark Twain High School (1974); Operation School Bell® (1980); San-Dy Bears (1988); Book Buddies at Florence Elementary School (1998) and Johnson Elementary School (2013); Trauma Clothing Kits (2003); and, in partnership with San Diego Ballet Company , the Dance Program (2010) at Florence Elementary School. 

Fundraising has included guided City Tours (1977-1980); Boutiques (1982-1984, 1985, 1986); Dansant (1976-1993), a Christmas Brunch that evolved into an evening gala; annual rummage sales (1973-1980); thrift shops (1963-1972, 1980-present); Antique Seminars (1986-2003); and since 2004, a Treasure Bazaar, a treasures and collectibles sale held in our own building.

Past Presidents at our 50th Celebration


Maggie Brasch, Barbara Wiggins, Sandra Price,

Ann Goodfellow, Hilde Koessler, Karen Boetger










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